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Another Ice Storm Repair in Peachtree City

Damaged Roof Repair

ice storm repair ptcE.M. Blue Inc has recently been repairing many roofs that were damaged from the ice storm in Peachtree City. Our client had a large tree limb fall on his cabin at the lake. The limb fell on the A frame part of the roof. It had messed up the shingles and decking and also the framework below. It also damaged the soffit and fascia. He found our company through this website, called, and chose us to do the job for him.

Ice Storm Roof Damage

ice storm repair ptcWe bid to remove the tree limb without further damaging the roof. We also bid to change the shingles, bad decking, framework, and fix the damaged soffit and fascia. We first removed the tree by attaching ropes and a “come along pully” to the limb and another existing tree. By doing that, we took the weight of the tree off the roof then were able to cut the limb into manageable pieces. Once the tree was completely removed from the roof, we removed 2 squares of affected shingles. We also removed the damaged decking.

ice storm repair ptcWe then shored up the hanging frame work with 2×4 studs and installed new decking. The studs were installed to give more support to the roof. Next, we installed the new felt paper and shingles, including a new boot and passive vent that were destroyed by the limb. Once the roof was repaired, we finally fixed the damaged fascia and soffit.

Damaged Roof Repair

ice storm repair ptcOur client was very pleased with the work we did on his cabin. The job turned out well, it was tricky trying to remove a large tree limb without doing any more damage to the home, but we managed. He also has another cabin that he needs work on so we will probably begin that job shortly. If your home was affected by the ice storm we recently faced, call E.M. Blue Inc today! Our experience and knowledge makes us the the best candidate to fix your damaged roof.

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