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Bulging Shingle Repair Peachtree City

Are Your Shingles Bulging Like This?

bulging shingle repair Peachtree CityWe repaired this shingle roofing job for our long term client! We had to repair bulging shingles in Peachtree City. This is just one example of the types of jobs we complete in the Atlanta area. We do many types of roof repairs in Peachtree City. Choose us as your Peachtree City roofing company and we can guarantee that your roof repair will be fixed!


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Bulging Shingle Repair Peachtree City


bulging shingle repair Peachtree CityOur client had a rental home he was selling and he needed some roof work done first. Some shingles were bulging up and looking unsightly at the back of the roof. We bid to pull up the offending shingles and find out what the problem was. It could be a problem with the decking or nails sticking up, we couldn’t tell until we got the shingles off. As it turned out the problem was improper installation. All we had to do was change out the bad shingles and reinstall them properly.

Shingle Nail Holes

bulging shingle repair Peachtree CityIn order to complete the bulging shingle repair, we followed a few steps. We pulled out the bulging shingles by prying out all the nails. As it turned out, this was pretty easy because the shingles were nailed with only three nails at the exact wrong place. All shingles have a nail strip where no less than four nails are supposed to go, these four nails also catch and nail the top of the shingle just below it so that each shingle is nailed with no less than eight nails. Pictured right, you can see the holes in the shingles.

Shingle Roof Repairs

bulging shingle repair Peachtree CityThe shingles on this roof were nailed with just three nails in the very top where the shingle is the weakest so the nails had blown right through and were not holding the shingle at all. Because of improper nailing and the fact that the roofers had bunched the shingles too tightly together during installation, the shingles had bulged up and looked unsightly. We simply installed new shingles in the correct manner to fix the problem. Not only were the shingles improperly installed, but so was the pipe boot! We also repaired the pipe boot for our client. Additionally, the roof had 70 feet of aluminum ridge vent on it but 20 ft were black, the same color as the roof. The rest were brown, so we painted the brown ones black.

Our client was very happy with the job! We did different repairs to the roof including shingle replacements, gutter painting, and pipe vent repairs. Now the home is ready to be sold and the roof is in great shape.

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