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Bullets in an Atlanta Roof

Look What We Found In This Roof

bullets in atlanta roofHere at E.M. Blue Inc, we come across some interesting roofing repairs and jobs. Sometimes, the roof repairs we complete are ones you would never think about. This Atlanta roof repair is one of those odd jobs we don’t come across every day.

Atlanta Roof Repair

On November 14th, our client Mrs. Brannan had a rental home in Atlanta that had a leak and shebullets in an Atlanta Roof needed it fixed. We told her we could find it and fix it with no problem, and that we did! Once we got up on the roof we found two 9mm bullets lodged in the shingles. “How could this have happened?” you may ask. 4th of July celebrations must have led someone to shoot off theirpistol. What comes up must come down, and this lucky home just happened to be the landing pad for these bullets. It is amazing that two bullets landed on the same roof within just 12 inches of each other. In order to fix the problem, we pulled out the bullets and sealed up the holes.

Bullet Hole Repair Results

The renter was very happy to be able to take the buckets out from under the leak and the homeowner was glad that the leak was not extremely expensive to fix. This job took about an hour to complete. Our clients were extremely happy with the results. If you have a leak in your roof in Atlanta, call us today! We can come out and repair it for you.

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