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Chimney Brick Sealing in Fayetteville

Let's Seal Your Brick Around Your Chimney

chimney brick sealingE.M. Blue is a local roofing company! Along with many shingle roofing services, we provide roof maintenance such as chimney brick sealing. On January 15th, we completed this brick sealant job in Fayetteville, GA! Call E.M. Blue if you have a leaky chimney and need it repaired!

Our client called because their brick chimney was leaking and they needed it fixed. Our first thought was that it must be the flashing. The usual problem with leaking brick chimneys is the flashing that marries the brick to the shingles. In this case, the flashing was fine so we determined that the porous brick was allowing moisture into the attic. To fix this problem, we needed to seal the brick.

Sealing the Brick

chimney brick sealingAnother roofer had attempted to seal this chimney in the past but had not been very thorough. We did a more complete job of sealing the brick with brushable Geocel sealer. This chimney, as most brick chimneys, was designed with a step formation at the top. Step formations look wonderful but tend to create a sill for water to sit on like a small shelf or in this case a series of small steps. The water would pond at this point and eventually seep into the brick and leak inside. We made sure to do a good job of sealing up this area.

Results of this Brick Sealant Job

chimney brick sealingSealing the brick was the perfect solution to this leaky chimney. Our clients were very happy with the job as they had previously paid others to fix it but no one had succeeded until now. The roof was very steep, but the job only took a couple of hours. We invite you to call us if you have any roofing concerns! We guarantee that we will provide you with the highest quality roofing services in town!

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