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Chimney Cap Replacement Fayetteville

We Replaced This Chimney Cap In Fayetteville, GA

chimney cap replacementWe have recently done a chimney cap replacement in Fayetteville! Here at E.M. Blue, we custom build the chimney caps we install. We do this because it ensures that the cap will fit the chimney perfectly. We’ve done other chimney cap replacements in Peachtree City and also Tyrone. If you need a new chimney cap, call E.M. Blue Inc. today!

Custom Chimney Cap

chimney cap replacementOur client had a chimney cap that was improperly installed and leaking, He needed a new custom built cap. After checking out the job, we bid to custom build the cap and install it on the chimney. The client accepted our bid so we set a date to install it and got to work.

We found something interesting about the chimney cap that was on our client’s home. Someone had pulled out the nails that were holding the old chimney cap in place in order to install slats inside the chimney box. These were put in to try and slope the water off the top of the cap. They never re attached the old cap so it was just flapping in the wind.

Installing the Chimney Cap

chimney cap replacementIn order to do this job, we first took off the chimney cap apparatus. This is the part of the chimney that traps any debris that could escape from the flu. After that, we added some framework to the top of the box and installed the wood decking. We then installed the custom built cap and re-installed the chimney cap apparatus. This job took place on Wednesday, February 5th.

chimney cap replacementThis job turned out very well. We built the cap and installed it after framing and decking the top of the chimney. Framing and decking the chimney in the way we did gave the cap strength and stability. Our client was very pleased with the work we did!

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