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Chimney Cap Replacement- Peachtree City

Need A New Chimney Cap?

On June 5th, I installed a replacement chimney cap for Cody. Cody is a friend from a professional local business group that I am a member of. I had done work for Cody in the past, so when he needed a new chimney cap I was the go-to guy. I custom make every new chimney cap that I install, so these chimney cap repairs in Peachtree City do not take very long to complete. For instance, this job took a total of five hours.

Creating the New Chimney Cap

Chimney Cap Replacement-Peachtree CityBuilding chimney caps can be tough, but I have been doing it for many years, so mine are always well proportioned and fit perfectly. The problem with Cody’s chimney cap was that it was all rusted out and it needed to be replaced. I took the measurements for the cap and went to work building it. As most chimney caps I build, this one was made out of paint grip sheet metal. Along with steel sheet metal, I also make chimney caps out of zinc, copper, and aluminum.


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Chimney Cap Installation

To begin the installation, we first took off the actual chimney pipe components. We then took off the old cap and used the dimensions to build a new cap out of 26 gauge paint grip sheet metal. The new cap was then painted to match the house. The new cap was made slightly larger to cover the old flaws in the old chimney structure, for instance the old caps skirt was only two inches deep where as the new skirt I created was four inches deep. Also, the old chimney structure was an open box covered only by a thin metal cap, so we framed it then decked it with half inch plywood for strength. We then installed the new cap and reinstalled the chimney pipe components.

This job was unusual because I usually find snakes, black widows, brown recluses, and other small critters under the old cap. When I took the old cap off, this chimney was free of all critters! This was a relief because I try to avoid encounters with crawling creatures when I am up high on the roof.

Chimney Cap Replacement Results

The job turned out exceptionally well. Cody was so excited to have a new chimney cap. My two year warranty against leaks ensures complete satisfaction guaranteed. Now, Cody will have a fully functional chimney with a more reliable chimney cap.

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