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Chimney Cap Replacement Tyrone, GA

We Replaced The Old Chimney Cap

chimney cap replacement tyrone, GAOn August 9th, we were presented with a chimney cap replacement in Tyrone, GA. In this article, we will discuss the problem and explain how we fixed it! We also fix chimney leaks and chimney shingles in Peachtree City and the surrounding areas! If you need a roofing repair or chimney repair, call E.M. Blue Inc. today!


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Chimney Cap Replacement Tyrone, GA


Our client needed a new chimney cap and decking. The old cap had completely rusted out because the decking below was not built up enough to shed water. We bid to rebuild the cap, framing and decking. The old framing and decking were absolutely not working. They had been put in so sloppily that it was designed to fail. This was a very large chimney so the cap had to be built as a small roof with the correct framing and decking below. The new chimney cap had to have a bit of a slope to prevent pooling of water.

Rebuilding This Chimney Cap

chimney cap replacement tyrone, GAWe first took off the old cap which was just several pieces of rusted out sheet metal that was nailed and screwed together with no structure. We then tore out the old framing and decking which was also installed in a very unorganized manner. We framed the top of the chimney with 2×4 studs with a pitch that would shed the water off the top of the chimney, then sheeted it with 1/2 inch plywood. You can see the difference in the two structures pictured right. The cap was built in four pieces out of Paint Grip sheet metal and was designed to fit together much like a little hip and ridge roof.

chimney cap replacement tyrone, GAThis was the largest chimney cap we have ever built. Usually most caps can be built out of one sheet of metal but this one took two pieces and had to be built as a small roof with four separate roof sides capped at the hips and ridge. There were two chimney vent pipes that came through the cap. One was no longer used so we eliminated it and capped right over the old pipe inside the chimney

Results of the New Chimney Cap

chimney cap replacement tyrone, GAThe new chimney cap turned out great! We designed it with a small pitch so it would create run-off from rain. The decking underneath provides sturdiness and structure for the chimney cap. After viewing the before and after photos, he was very happy as this had been a problem with water coming through for years. Steve also had a roof replacement done, so he was extremely happy with the results of his re-roof and chimney cap replacement in Tyrone.

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