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Chimney CapsWe build custom chimney caps. Does your chimney cap need to be replaced? Old or poorly built and installed chimney caps can sink, rust, and be a source of water leaks. If your chimney cap needs to be replaced, sooner is always better before more damage is caused by water leaking into your home.

2 year warranty against leaks. Duane has been building custom chimney caps in peachtree city for over 18 years. He knows how to build them the correct way and guarantees his labor for 2 years against any water leaks.

What sets E.M. Blue’s chimney caps apart from other companies’? Many times the reason for a chimney cap leaking is because of age and how well it was built. Often times chimney caps’ only structural support is the chimney below. Because of this they are prone to sink, rust, and begin to cause water leaks into your home. Every time Duane builds a custom chimney cap he also frames a structural support for the chimney cap to go on. Because of this, E.M. Blue’s chimney cap service is a higher quality and customers can rest assured knowing that their chimney will not be source of problems.

What are our chimney caps made out of? It is very important to us as a local company to ensure that each customer is 100% satisfied. In order to do this, we not only offer quality services but we also use quality material. Our steel chimney caps are made out of paint grip sheet metal. This type of sheet metal is tested and has proven rust resistant and it allows for easy painting.

This sheet metal cannot simply be purchased at Home Depot but must be purchased from specialized suppliers. Paint grip sheet metal comes in various sizes and allows us to customize every chimney cap to fit our customers chimneys perfectly.

What else do we build chimney caps out of? We construct chimney caps out of other metal other than the steel paint grip sheet metal. For example, we build copper chimney caps, aluminum chimney caps, and zinc chimney caps.

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We called Duane Clarke and EM Blue Roofing when water was dripping down the ceiling fan shaft onto the bed in our master bedroom. Water was literally dripping onto my wife and I during a storm one night. Duane and his crew came right out,…

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