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Hitachi 4 Gallon Twin-Stack Air Compressor

We Use The Hitachi 4 Gallon Twin-Stack Air Compressor

About The Hitachi 4 Gallon Twin-Stack Air Compressor:

There are a handful of reasons why we love the Hitachi 4 Gallon Double-Stack Air Compressor.

Portable - This compressor is light and easily mobile. It allows us to easily transport it to any and all kinds of job sites.

Durable - We knew that Hitachi had a recognized reputation for quality. We proudly add our stamp of approval on that reputation. This compressor is used in the hot and humid, Georgia summer sun as well as the chilly and brisk winter days. It stands up to the test in all conditions.

Adjustable - What many people don't consider about roof shingle installation is the appropriate air pressure to nail with. If too high pressure is used, the nails are driven right through the shingles... leaving them incorrectly installed. The Hitachi 4 Gallon allows us to easily adjust the air pressure and appropriately secure the nails without damaging the shingles in the process.

We know that this product is readily equipped to handle long and grueling days of abuse. Thank you to Hitachi for providing a stable solution when it comes to finding the best air compressor around.