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Fallen Tree Damage and Removal in Peachtree City

Suffering From Fallen Trees?

Fallen trees are pretty common in the south, and at E.M. Blue we come across fallen trees more than one might think! Most of our homes in Georgia are surrounded by trees, and with our regular storm schedule, large limbs and full sized trees are bound to fall.
At E.M. Blue, we provide an array of services. Many of our jobs are roof repairs in Peachtree City, but there is nothing that we can’t handle!

Job Description

Fallen Tree Damage and Removal in Peachtree City On June 2nd, there was a short but violent storm that took down a tree in Mr. Mill’s yard. Mr. Mills called me around 6:30 that sunday afternoon asked me to come and help. I usually do not do work on Sundays, but a damaged roof due to a fallen tree needs to be covered quickly as to not cause more damage to the roof from the rain. I arrived at the customer’s house within the hour.

What we did

When we arrived, we sized up the tree that was sitting on his roof. We proposed that we cover the top half of the roof with a tarp in order to keep the moisture out over night. We used a 60’ by 40’ tarp. The roof was a little steep with a 8/12 pitch. When you add moisture to that, maneuvering around the roof can be a bit tricky.

In order to cover the roof, we needed to cover the tree as well. We cut back the high branches of the tree that were sticking up and making it difficult to cover with a tarp. We then pulled the tarp up onto the roof, unfolded it and spread it out over the tree and top part of the roof. We then nailed the perimeter of the tarp down to the perimeter of the roof.

What will be done next

Now that the roof is covered and protected from moisture, the tree will need to be removed and the insurance adjuster will have to come out and bid how much insurance will cover. Mr. Mills wants me to finish the roof repair once the tree is gone. I will also be repairing the interior damages to the rafters in the attic.

Preventing Tree Damage

We should be mindful of the trees near our homes. You should to pay attention to any older and weaker trees and remove them if they look like they might fall on your home or on your cars. Prevention is key when it comes to keeping trees off your roof.

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