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Fallen Tree Roof Repair Peachtree City

Soffit, Fascia, Decking, and Trusses Repair

fallen tree roof repairWe have just completed a fallen tree roof repair in Peachtree City. A tree had fallen on our client’s rental home and damaged the roof, soffit, and fascia. She needed the damage fixed as soon as possible so that no more further damage was caused from moisture getting into the roof. We have done many fallen tree roof repairs. We can remove the tree limbs and branches before cutting into the roof.

Soffit, Fascia, Decking, and Trusses Repair

fallen tree roof repairWe bid to cut out all the damaged lumber, decking, trusses, fascia, and soffit. From there we would replace it and rebuild it with new lumber then paint it to match. We first had to cut out all the damaged wood which included 1/8 fascia board, ⅜ plywood soffit, 2/6 trusses, and the plywood decking. We were expecting more damage to the trusses when we cut it open, and when it was finally exposed we were surprised that more were not broken.

We rebuilt everything exactly as it was before the tree hit it, beginning with the trusses, then the plywood decking. We then had to rebuild the framing for the soffit and fascia then install the soffit and fascia. When we were done, the repaired roof looked exactly like it did before the tree fell on it.

Excellent Roof Repair Results

fallen tree roof repairThis job turned out excellently. Both the rental owners and the tenant were very satisfied with the finished product of this job. We hope that the images provided will help you understand the damage done and the required repairs. It took one full day of work to complete this roof repair.

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