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Fascia and Soffit Installation Tyrone

Tyrone Soffit & Fascia Project

fascia and soffit installation TyroneWe are your local roofing company! We are located out of Peachtree City but we also do jobs in Tyrone, Fayetteville, Newnan, Jonesboro, and the surrounding locations. We do many different types of roofing jobs as well as siding, fascia and soffit installations.

Our clients had built an addition on their home and they almost completed it, but they couldn’t because they did not have the means to do the fascia and soffit. These clients called us in to do the work for them because they knew that we would do a fantastic job on their home and new addition.

Installing the Fascia and Soffit

fascia and soffit installation TyroneFascia is the wooden frame work which is just below the roof shingles. The fascia for this roof was a 2×6 piece of lumber. In order to do the fascia, you need a brake, which is a machine that bends aluminum sheeting. The white aluminum sheeting is what covers the exposed wood and finishes the job. Here at E.M. Blue, we have a brake so we bid to install the fascia, then the soffit. Soffit is the vinyl siding that goes on the underside of the roof overhang.

To complete this job, first we cut all the soffits to length and installed them. We then measured and cut the aluminum fascia pieces to length and width before bending them to fit. Once the fascia pieces were made to fit, we installed them.

Results of this Project

Our clients loved the work we did on their home. They were very satisfied not only with the look of the fascia and soffit but also with it’s functionality. These clients knew that when they called E.M. Blue they would be satisfied with the work, and they were more than happy with the results.

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