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flat roof repair TuckerE.M. Blue does roof repairs in Tucker, GA! Most of our jobs take place in Peachtree City and the surrounding areas, but we do also go to other areas such as Tucker! On our website, we post summaries of jobs we have done recently. Some of these jobs include roof tarping, tree damage repairs, and many others!

Leaking Flat Roof

flat roof repair TuckerOn Friday October 25, we completed this flat roof repair in Tucker, GA. Our client has a flat roof covering her closed in porch. This low pitch roof was leaking and causing mold on the inside of her porch. She needed her porch roof repaired in order to stop the moisture from coming in. In order to fix this roof, we bid to clean it off and apply a hydro stop roofing system to the flat roof.

Flat Roof Repair

flat roof repair TuckerIn order to complete this job, we first had to pull up two rows of shingles where the steep shingle roof meets the flat porch roof. We did this so we could work with the crease between the pitched roof and the flat roof. We then applied the first coat of hydro stop along with a mesh membrane. When this coat dried, we applied the top coat. After the hydro stop roofing system was complete, we installed new shingles to the steep roof. Hydro Stop is a a roofing system that locks out moisture from the roof, so our client’s roof is guaranteed to be leak free for a long time.

This client was a referral from a previous job I had done. She was extremely satisfied with the results of our roofing services. She was excited that the roof no longer leaked and she did not have to worry about mold growing in her porch anymore.

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