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Flat Roof Repairs

Flat Roof Repairs

Flat Roof RepairsDo you have a flat roof that needs to be repaired?

We specialize in repairing flat roofs! As one of the best Peachtree City roof repair companies, we provide you our services with a 2 year leak free guarantee. Our flat roof repairs hold up and give you the peace of mind you deserve! Call E.M. Blue for all your flat roof repairs!

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What kind of flat roof system do we use? Although we can do large commercial flat roofs, our primary customers are local home owners. On homes we use modified bitumen roofing materials sometimes referred to as torch down roofing. We have been offering torch down locally for over 18 years. We can do torch down roof repairs and complete torch down re-roofs. Whatever your flat roof needs we have the ability and experience to do it!

Other types of flat roof systems are TPO, EPDM, and Tare & Gravel (we do not do tare and gravel).

Why do flat roofs need repairs? Flat roofs are similar to anything in life, they get old with time and stress. An old flat roof will crack and go bad causing water leaks. Some roofers sometimes skip corners by just throwing down tare and gravel over a damaged area but we never use tare and gravel. If the roof can be patched (because it still has a substantial amount of life it it), then we will use torch down roofing materials to do it. If it is too old, then the torch down won’t even adhere to the old flat roof. In this case, we will need to pull up the existing old flat roof materials and provide your home with a completely new flat roof.

How long do flat roof repairs usually take? With every home it is completely different. The repair job depends on a few factors. First, how much of the roof is damaged and needs repairs? Second, how many penetrations are there. A penetration is where something extends from inside the house through the roof. Some examples of this are chimneys, pipes, skylights, and other things that make the flat roof more complex to work with.

Usually if the repair is fairly free of penetrations, then we will be able to fix the roof within a day. If it is abundant in penetrations, then it can take a week of work.

Do we remove old flat roofs? We know that we already addressed this briefly in the paragraphs above but we wanted to go into it in more detail. If your roof is too old and needs to be replaced, then we will remove the old flat roof material and dispose of it. Whenever we are doing any type of removal of roofing materials we have your home’s quality care in mind. We make sure that we leave your house, yard, and property in better condition then we found it.

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