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Griffin Roof Repair

We Repaired This Roof in Griffin, GA

griffin roof repairThis roof repair in Griffin was a slate roof. E.M. Blue is very experienced in slate roof repairs, so when we got called on this job, we were confident we could provide the correct work that would withstand weather and the the test of time. Read more about slate roofing and this repair we did below!

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Griffin Roof Repairs

Slate Roof Repair

griffin-roof-repairOur client lives in a beautiful large brick home with a slate roof. The roof never had the proper hip and ridge slate installed so it was leaking in many places. We bid to install the proper slate hip and ridge on his home. With slate, everything is labor intensive. This is because slate is heavy, dusty, dirty, sharp, and needs to be cut with expensive diamond blades. Once the slate is cut, it needs to be hauled up onto high roofs. Nothing about working with slate is easy, however it looks magnificent on roofs so the results are always worth it.

On this job, we had to install 350 feet of hip and ridge where there previously was none. This meant nailing into the original slate which has to be drilled first. The first thing to be installed is a layer of copper flashing which goes down before any of the slate. This helps protect against any moisture. Once the copper is in place, we install the slate which is nailed into the copper and existing slate. It looks great in the end but it is very hard to do correctly.

Results of this Repair in Griffin

This job turned out perfectly. The steep slopes and slippery surfaces made it that much more difficult to complete, but our crew did very well in completing the job. The client was very pleased with our work and the results. Remember if you need any work done on a roof in Griffin, give E.M. Blue Inc. a call!

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