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Griffin Slate Roof Repair

Here's A Slate Roof Repair We Did In Griffin

We commonly write about our shingle roofing services, but we don’t always talk about the other roofing services we offer. Slate roofing is one service we provide for our clients! In this article, you will read about a slate roof repair we did on Thursday, January 16th. If you need roofing in Griffin, call E.M. Blue Inc. today! We also provide roofing services in Peachtree City, Fayetteville, and the surrounding areas.

Slate Roofing

Because slate is rock, it lasts a long time on the roof. However, if water gets past the slate, it will slowly rot out the decking below. Our client in Griffin Georgia has an old home with a slate roof. That is what happened to this roof. The original design was to have no hip or ridge slate, so the front entry of the home developed a leak that allowed moisture into the decking and framework.

We bid to take up the slate (which was still good for the most part) and cut out all the rotten decking. We would then replace it and put the slate back on and install a new slate ridge.

Roof Repair in Griffin

In order to complete this slate repair, we first had to pull up all the old slate and set it aside. The slate was not damaged, so we carefully removed it from it’s place. This decreased the cost of material because we did not have to purchase new slate. Once the slate was removed, we cut out the old tar paper and threw it away.

We then cut away all the rotted decking and installed new underlayment. Once the decking and underlayment were in place, we put back the old slate. We then installed copper flashing and new slate ridge over the copper flashing.

The job turned out great! The new slate ridge on the front entry completes the job. The client loves it because the water now no longer ruins the ceiling below. We have worked on different parts of this roof for over ten years. This client knows and trusts that we can repair any problem he has with his slate roof in Griffin.

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