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Gutter Replacement Fayetteville

We Replaced These Gutters

gutter replacement fayettevilleE.M. Blue does roofing in Peachtree City and the surrounding locations! Not only do we do roofing, but also gutter replacements and repairs in Peachtree City and Tucker, GA! Our roofing services are some of the highest quality around Atlanta, so call today to set up an appointment!

Gutter Replacement Job

This client had a section of roof on his home where a lot of water converged into a small valley and then poured onto a small section of metal roof that ran into a gutter which was sloping the wrong way. The result was a waterfall every time it rained hard. He wanted to know if we could do anything to stop the waterfall from destroying his yard below. There was also a leak in this area where the shingle valley met the metal roof that was ruining his woodwork underneath the patio, he needed that fixed.

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Gutter Replacement Fayetteville

We priced to change out the small older gutter with a larger 6 inch gutter that had a two inch extension joined to the top of it. We did this to catch the flow of water and have it flow properly towards the downspout at the other end. We also bid to fix the leak where the shingle valley met the metal roof.

How We Replaced This Gutter

gutter replacement fayettevilleFor this Fayetteville gutter replacement, we took off the old gutter and installed the new 6 inch gutter with the added extension. We sloped it correctly using screw hangers that screw into the fascia and studs instead of the old style spike and grommet which have a tendency to work their way out with time. We also found the leak in the roof where the shingle roof meets the metal roof and sealed it up. The flat metal roof was painted and the paint was peeling in spots, we touched up these spots free of charge.

Gutter Replacement Results

The customer loved his new gutter and roof repair! He was worried of how we would be able to stop the heavy water flow in downpours, but he loved the new, bigger gutter! We are proud of this Fayetteville gutter replacement because we were able to do exactly what the customer desired for a good price. This job only took a few hours to complete. We work rapidly and efficiently in order to keep our clients happy and satisfied. Call E.M. Blue today for a gutter replacement or roof repair!v

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