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leaky roof 30269Do you need a roof repair or roof replacement in Peachtree City, 30269? If so, we are the company for you! We provide high quality roof repairs in PTC and the surrounding areas. In this article, you’ll learn about how we repaired this leaky roof in 30269.

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Leak in the Living Room

On Friday February 7th, Our client had a roof leak in her living room and wanted it fixed. A few other roofers had come by and attempted to fix it with no success. This is not the first time that this has happened. Many of our clients call us because previous roofers were unable toleaky roof 30269 repair their roofs. We are always able to locate the problem and fix it entirely so it does not bother them again.

After checking out the problem, we bid to tear out the roof to wall shingle, install step flashing, and also install new underlayment. This process we outlined would completely protect the roof from water and moisture entering.

Reparing this Roof in 30269

leaky roof 30269First, we tore out all the old shingles in the affected area. Then, we removed the old trough flashing. After that, we installed ice and watershield as a new underlayment. Ice and watershield will protect the decking if the shingles ever fail. We then installed new shingles and new step flashing. We had to interweave the shingles and step flashing together against the wall as we went.

Roof Repair Results

leaky roof 30269This job turned out very well. We were able to find the problem immediately. Upon tearing out the old shingles, we found that the original roofers had not installed tar paper all the way to the wall. This left the interior of the roof unprotected against moisture. Also, this roof had the old trough flashing installed in the roof-to-wall. Water was pouring out the end of a gutter and had started coming through the shingles that had failed. Mary loved the end result. The leak in her living room had been a problem for a while and she is very happy that it is fixed and no longer leaking.

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