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Low Pitch Roof Repair

We Work On Low Pitch Roofs Too

low pitch roof repairWe do shingle roof repairs in Peachtree City GA! We also do repairs and roof replacements in Tyrone and the surrounding areas. If you browse this site, you will find write-ups that describe jobs we have done in the past! We hope you enjoy reading about this Peachtree City low pitch roof repair.

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Low Pitch Roof Repair

low pitch roof repairThis client had a relatively low pitch roof with a couple of fake dormers on it to break up the roof line. The roof at the area where the dormer sits has been leaking for a while, so he wanted it fixed. It looked like the lowest pitch of the roof below the dormer had sagged and was causing the water to pool instead of run off. We bid to tear up the old shingles, pull up any old rotten decking and trusses, and re-shingle the roof with new step flashing at the dormer.

How We Repaired this Low Pitch Roof

We tore out all the old shingles below the dormer, then low pitch roof repairpulled up the rotten and sagging decking. We found that the reason for the sagging decking was a broken 2×8 truss (pictured right) so we jacked up the broken piece, nailed a sister stud onto it for strength then installed new plywood decking to the studs. we covered the plywood with ice and water shield underlayment which is the main reason for the leak in the first place. A roof with this low a pitch or slope should always have ice and water shield installed prior to the shingles being installed because water will always back up under the shingles and find its way through regular felt.

Low Pitch Repair Results

low pitch roof repairThe customer was happy to see the job done right. Although it cost more than a simple slap on tar and caulking leak, the roof is fixed permanently and will not impose any more problems in that area. We are happy that our client is satisfied with our work. If you have a roof leak or low pitch repair, call E.M. Blue today!

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