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Missing Shingles on Peachtree City Roof

Rotted Decking Replacement

missing shinglesWe do shingle roof repairs! This includes leaky shingles to missing or damaged ones. Recently, we had a client call with a section of shingles missing from a portion of his roof. He called us because he needed it fixed and he trusted that we would be able to do the job on his Peachtree City home. We went to check out his roof and upon examination, we bid to replace the missing shingles and also the rotten decking that had been damaged by exposure to the elements.

Rotted Decking Replacement

missing shingles ptcFirst, we removed all the torn shingles and cleared enough to get to the size of wood decking that we needed to remove. Once we started pulling shingles, we noticed that the damage to the decking was more extensive than we first thought.

We ended up pulling up enough shingles and all the damaged decking. We then installed new ½ inch plywood decking. Once the decking was in place, we covered it with ice and water shield underlayment then installed the new shingles to match the existing shingles.

Shingle Roof Repair Results

missing shingles ptcAs usual, this missing shingle replacement turned out great! The roof no longer had rotted decking or missing shingles. The section we repaired was on a flatter section of the roof that was not too high off the ground. Our client previously had his chimney cap replaced by us, so he knew he could count on us to fix this damaged part of his roof. We provide the highest quality roofing services in Peachtree City, so if you ever have damage to your roof, call us to take care of it!

missing shingles

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