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New Life Church Roof Repair- Peachtree City

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On June 3rd, I completed this roof repair for Pastor Bob Martz from the New Life Church. We have been doing jobs for New Life for a while now. E.M. Blue is their number one choice for roofing in Peachtree City! We have provided a number of different roofing services for New Life. This was a simple shingle replacement.

Leaky Shingle Roof Repair Method

Job Description

New Life Church Roof RepairNew Life Church had a leak where the shingle roof meets the flat roof.They wanted it fixed so that moisture would not get on their expensive sound system below. We bid to take off a small section of shingles in the affected area and replace them with new shingles to stop the leak. I have previously given them a price to replace the whole shingle roof but they do not want to spend the money right now. The problem is the roof is old and failing in more than this area and they are going to have more leaks show up in the future.

Bob Martz had contacted me several years ago about different roof issues on the church building, and we took care of some major roof problems on the flat roof. A few weeks ago, he gave me the go ahead to fix the shingle problem.

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We had worked on this problem in the past thinking it was a flat roof problem. Upon further investigation, we found out that the old shingles had failed. Also they were installed over tar paper that had been sliced up in several areas prior to the shingles being installed. Once the water got through the shingles, it got straight through to the decking and into the building itself.

We took off approximately three bundles of shingles in the affected area and applied ice and watershield underlayment. Ice and watershield helps keep the lower layers of the roof dry by sealing out the moisture. We then tied it into the old tarpaper. Where the roof meets the wall, we folded the ice and watershield up the wall. We then installed the shingles using step flashing at the wall. Tying into the old shingles on the other side, we had to remove the existing downspout to be able to nail the shingles at the top. The last thing we did was install the counter flashing over the step flashing and seal it to the wall with a clear Geocel caulk.

This job turned out very well. Pastor Martz was extremely pleased to not have water leaking on their sound system inside anymore. Hopefully, we will be able to complete the rest of the places where leaks are soon to show up in the future.

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