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Pipe Boot Roof Repair in Newnan

We Repair Roof Pipe Boots

pipe boot roof repairE.M. Blue Inc. is your local roofing company! If you want to learn more about the roof repairs we do, explore our webpage! Twice a week, we post about recent jobs we’ve completed in the area. Other recent jobs we’ve done include roof repairs in Newnan and East Point, GA.

Pipe boots are a common place for leaks to come up on the roof. Our client, Ryan, had two worn out PVC pipe boots on his roof that he needed replacing. He called us because he knew we would be able to get the job done quickly and correctly. This job was completed on Friday, January 24th.

Newnan Roof Repair

pipe boot roof repairWe bid to change out both boots and to replace them with new boots. Shingle roofs may last up to 20 years, but these plastic pipe boots only last about five to eight years. It is not a rare thing to have to replace pipe boots a couple of times within the lifespan of a roof. You can see pictured right two pipe boots. One is the old one which has been damaged and weathered over time. The other one is brand new.

Results of this Pipe Vent Repair

pipe boot roof repairThis home was only one story but it was a bit steep so it took a little longer than usual to replace two boots. However, we were able to smoothly climb up and pull out the old boots then install the new ones. The customers were very happy to have the old leaking boots replaced. To the right is a picture of the finished product. You’ll see pictured a new pipe boot that functions perfectly!

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