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porch roof Peachtree CityDo you have a screened in porch that you need a roof for? If so, you’ve found the right place! We have just completed this porch roof installation in Peachtree City for a client, so continue reading to learn about how we did it!

We do these job write-ups so you can learn more about what we have been doing around your area and also so our clients can look at the incredible results we achieve with every job we do. Some recent jobs we have done include a re-roof in Tyrone, Flashing repairs in Decatur, and a repair for a tree limb that fell and punctured the roof. You can read about these jobs and more on our website!

Preparing the Porch Roof

porch roof Peachtree CityThis job took place on Thursday, October 3rd. Our client built a screened in porch at the back of his house. He needed a roof installed on this porch, so he called us up! The roof already had decking, so we bid to felt and shingle it. This client did a great job with the structure, but he had not put enough screws in the decking to hold the plywood down, so we did a lot of deck installing before any felt was laid.

Installing the Roof

porch roof Peachtree CityIn order to get the roof ready to be felted and shingled, we first had to add screws to the deck. The client had laid some lighting wires on the deck and asked us to somehow bury them in the roof. We did this by cutting a groove in the plywood and laying the wires in the groove. There was some decking at the gable that our client had started to cut, but he did not finish the cuts so he asked us to tidy them up. We then laid out the felt paper, lined it, and installed the shingles. Finally, we added step flashing at the roof-to-wall where the siding had been cut for it.

Porch Roof Results

porch roof peachtree cityThis job turned out extremely well! The screened in porch now has a fully shingled roof that looks great! This was the second time I had done work for this client. Last year, they had a leak on a different part of their roof that I repaired for them. If you have a leaky roof, call E.M. Blue Inc. and we will come out and repair it for you!

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