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porch roof repairOur client had a leak in his porch that has bothered him for months. It was a relatively new roof and he had tried to fix it by himself, but failed. Many homeowners take the roofing responsibility upon themselves, and they often regret it. The task of finding what is wrong with a roof and then repairing it is very large. If the homeowner doesn’t have experience or expertise with roofing, their attempts can be in vain.

Flashing Repair

Porch roofs are very similar to garage roof in that the valley between the home and the porch or garage roof is usually the cause of a leak. As usual, we began this job by tearing out the old shingles on the roof in the area of the leak. We immediately saw what the problem was. The flashing had not come up far enough, so we added our own flashing and ice and water shield underlayment. Finally, we installed new shingles to match.

porch roof repairThough the client was in his seventies, he still insisted on being involved in the project! he was interested to see how willing we were to pull out the old shingles. Caulking on top of shingles never works but most roofers are afraid to pull them out because it needs to be done in such a way that new shingles can be tied in. We did not hesitate to remove and replace the shingles.

Porch Roof Results

He was very satisfied with the results of this project. He also loved that there was a 1 year warranty on the invoice. This guarantees that if there is a leak within a year, it will be taken care of. We work hard to leave our clients 100% satisfied with the work we’ve done, and we were successful in doing just that with this customer in Newnan.

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