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What was this job?

This job took place on May 21, 2013. David contacted me by phone and told me about his Sharpsburg roof repair. He told me he needed more ventilation in his attic and, we discussed vent placement. Vent placement is important in the whole plan to install power vents. When deciding where to place the vents, you must consider the cosmetic aspect as well as the functionality. Obviously, it would not look good to put the vents all lined up on the front side of the roof where they can be seen by everyone. However, you have to take into account the placement of the vents in regards to how well they will ventilate that area of the attic. Once we decided on the proper vent placement, I got started on the job.

Job Description

Power Vent Installation Sharpsburg David had a problem with his attic. There was not enough ventilation in the attic and he wanted to fix this. I proposed that we install three power vents. Because attics are not connected to the interior air conditioning units, they need some kind of ventilation, and power vents are a great way to ventilate the inside of your attic.

Power vent installation is a bit difficult. The structure of the fan protects itself from the outside weather, but improper installation of the fan can lead to a leak. We had to be mindful of the placement and final installation to be sure to keep the weather out. Not all the vents were on the same roof line, so we also had to take this into consideration as we installed them.


Vent installation is a pretty basic process, but it must be done correctly, or water damage could arise further along down the road. First, we had to remove the shingles and felt paper in the spot between the rafters that the vent would go. We then cut a hole the size of the power vent’s opening. Next we placed in the vent and secured the flashing around it. The flashing is what seals the roof and keeps the water out. After all these steps, we replaced the shingles.


The sun was blazing when we did this job. Nevertheless, we completed it in six hours and left David extremely happy with the results. The vents blend well with the roof while being perfectly positioned to best ventilate the attic. His attic is now very well ventilated, just like he wanted.

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