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PVC Pipe Boot Replacement Peachree City

Another Pipe Boot Replacement

pvc pipe boot replacementThis job took place on Friday, October 11. This client had 2 PVC pipe boots that needed to be replaced. The cause for replacement of these pipe boots is quite interesting! Read more in this article to find out why there were holes in the pipe boot and how we replaced them.

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pvc pipe boot replacementAs you can see in the picture, the pipe boot has a huge hole in it. This was causing problems for the client and he needed it fixed as soon as possible. The hole was caused by sharp toothed critters chewing and gnawing at the plastic. In order to fix this job, we bid to change the old boots for new ones with protective covers.

Boot Replacement Methods

To begin replacing the pipe boots, we pulled up all the shingles around the old boots. This cleared the way and allowed us to access the actual boot. We then pulled out the old, chewed up boots and replaced them with new boots. We then installed hard, plastic boot covers on top of them. These boot covers are more durable and able to withstand gnawing from wildlife outside the roof. Our client also had some toe board holes that needed to be fixed, so we did that for him as well.

pvc pipe boot replacementThis job took about 2 hours to complete. E.M. Blue works quickly and efficiently to repair your roof. If you have a roof repair, call E.M. Blue! you will not be disappointed with the results of the repair. This client was extremely satisfied with our work, and we enjoyed working with him. He loved us because we are skilled, dependable and reliable. This client had called many other roofing companies but none had ever responded.

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