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roof repair TuckerThis shingle roof repair in Tucker, GA took place on July 19th, 2013. We do all kinds of roof repairs in Georgia. We also fix leaky roofs in Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Tyrone, Sharpsburg, Atlanta, and the surrounding areas. There is a large array of different roof repairs we complete. Some include skylight repairs, chimney cap installations, power vent installations, and vent pipe boot repairs.

If you have a roofing need near any of the areas listed above, call E.M. Blue Roofing Inc. today!! We are excited to give you an estimate and get your roof fixed. Continue reading to learn more about the hole we repaired on this shingle roof in Tucker, GA.

Hole in the Roof

roof repair TuckerThe clients had a tree limb fall on their roof in a windstorm and puncture the decking. They needed the branches pulled out and the holes repaired before the next rain. It was important that the holes get repaired right away as to not damage any more interior from water and moisture. We bid to remove the limbs from the roof and fix the damaged decking and shingles.

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Roof Repair Tucker, GA


How we Repaired this Roof

roof repair TuckerIn order to complete this roof repair in Tucker, GA 30084. We first removed the tree limbs that were still stuck in the roof. The branches were quite large, so they caused a straight puncture through the decking of the roof. We then removed all the broken shingles and plywood decking. We then installed 2×4 wood framing and new plywood decking. lastly we installed ice and water shield underlayment and the new shingles.

We were working on their neighbor’s roof from a previous storm when this problem occurred. We approached these people to see if they would like a bid to do their roof. They were very happy to have such quick assistance. These customers were very happy with our prompt service and knowledge.

Results of this Tucker Roof Repair

roof repair TuckerIf you have a roof repair in Tucker or any surrounding location, give us a call today! We can fix any repair we face. We have extensive experience in the roofing industry which allows us to be able to recognize and fix problems that other companies may look over and not recognize as the problem. We have encountered numberless clients who were excited about our service because they have had other businesses fail to recognize the problem.

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