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Roof Replacement Hampton Georgia

Hampton Roofer

E.M. Blue Inc. completed this roof replacement in Hampton, Georgia. The customers had hail and wind damage to their roof so they needed a new roof. E.M. Blue does re-roofs and roof repairs. The customer was very happy with the results of this job. Continue reading to find out more about this roof replacement and visit other pages on our site to read about other Atlanta roofing jobs.

Roof Replacement Description

re roof Hampton GeorgiaThe damage to the roof was caused by hail and wind damage, so the client’s insurance was paying for the new roof. The huge amount of damage done required us to replace the roof. We bid to tear off the old roof, install ice and water shield in all valleys, paper the entire roof in felt paper, install new 30 year shingles.

Completing this Roof Replacement

To begin this roof replacement in Hampton, we tore off the entire old roof including all the nails and felt. We did this in order to strip the roof so we could start new. We then installed ice and water shield in all valleys. Ice and water shield is a leak barrier that we install under the shingles on valleys, eave and rake edges. Ice and water shield is installed in these places because they are the most prone to leakage and therefore need to be protected the most. We then installed new 30 year architectural shingles. These shingles looked great with the home design and are sure to last through the weather.

It rained on us hard for an hour straight during the re-felting process so not all the roof was protected from moisture. We always carry two 60×40 ft tarps with us on all our re roof jobs just in case it rains. Because of our preparedness, we were able to cover the entire roof before it started to pour. This is what sets us apart from other roofing companies. We truly care about the quality of our work, so we always go the extra mile to ensure that we are doing the job right.

Hampton Roof Replacement Results

300pxThe customer was extremely happy with the results. They loved the color of the shingles. They homeowner was also very impressed with the work ethic of the workers in the hot sun all day. It only took a day and a half to complete this re-roof. The timeliness of the crew at E.M. Blue Inc. makes the process of getting a roof replacement that much more pleasant for the homeowner.

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