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Roof Replacement Tyrone

A Brand New Roof!

roof replacement tyroneDo you need a new roof? We are the company for you! E.M. Blue does roof replacements and roof repairs in Peachtree City and the surrounding areas! Not only did we replace this roof in Tyrone, but we also did a chimney cap replacement on the same home. Continue reading to learn more about this Tyrone roof replacement!

Re-Roofing Process

This job took place in August 2013. Steve needed a new roof as his old roof was deteriorated to the point where it leaked in several areas. At this point, more roof repairs would just act as band aids at this point- not a permanent fix. We bid to re-roof his home, install two new attic fans to cool his attic, and tear out his old chimney cap and build and install a new cap for him.

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Roof Replacement Tyrone

roof replacement tyroneWe started with the roof tear-off which was no small feat-as this is the largest roof that we have ever replaced on a residential home. It was a bit of a challenge as the landscaping around the home was beautiful and we had to be careful not to destroy it with tons of falling shingles. Also, the home was several levels. After all seventy four squares were torn off. we felted the roof with tar paper and immediately began installing shingles.

Aside from the actual roof replacement, we had to reflash around two large chimneys! We also had to do some stucco repair to them and do two new attic power vent installations. One needed replacement, and one we had to cut in as there was never one at this point in the attic where it was most needed. It took three days to do the roof because of it’s size and it took another three days to do the chimney framing and cap mainly due to bad weather.

Roof Replacement Results

Steve absolutely loved the job. They had taken a while to figure out what color of shingle they wanted so they were very pleased with their decision in the end. Also, Steve was impressed with our workmanship and attention to detail with the new chimney cap and framing beneath it to shed water off. The flashing around the base of the chimney had been a problem in the past with leaks. Unlike us. other roofers had just slapped more flashing on top of the old to fix the leaks but this had just added to the problem. We tore out all the old flashing, got down to bare decking and started again with new flashing. Tearing out all the old caulk and tar messed up the old stucco in a few areas so we did some stucco repair as well.

This was the largest residential job we have ever done. We had to protect a lot of plants and bushes during the tear off which made it more difficult, but we completed the job and left the homeowners completely satisfied with our work!

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