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Senoia Roofing Skylight Repair

Here Is A Job We Did In Senoia

Our client had two leaks in her home. One leak was in the living room and the other was in the sky light in her bathroom. She wanted these leaks taken care of so she could minimize the damage being done to her home. We have done many different types of jobs in Senoia, GA. These jobs include shingle roof repairs and roofing projects in Senoia. If you need a Senoia roofer, call E.M. Blue today!

Senoia Roofer

senoia roofing skylightAfter inspecting her roof, we found that the leak in her living room was caused by a protruding nail head that had come loose and was allowing water into her attic. The nail was installed too low on the shingle and was never hammered down all the way. Because of improper installation, the water was basically being funneled into her attic. The leak in her sky light was caused by insufficient sealant around an incorrectly installed sky light.

Roofing Repair Process

senoia roofingWe first had to find the nail that was causing damage. Whenever there is a leak in the open field of a shingle roof with no penetrations or obvious holes in the roof, it is always either a toe board hole that hasn’t been sealed or a faulty nail. Faulty nails are usually installed incorrectly and loosened up. We didn’t find any toe board holes so we looked for and found the faulty nail and fixed it by sealing the hole with neoprene caulk and re-nailing the shingle. With the sky light, we cut back the shingles that were installed improperly and sealed around the entire skylight. We also used neoprene caulk and sealed the nails at the base of the skylight.

When we were done with this job, the client was very satisfied. She was impressed that we were able to find the small nail causing the problem. She was also pleased with our skylight repair work.

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