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Shingle Leak Peachtree City

Leaky Roof Project

shingle leak Peachtree CityAs your Peachtree City roofing company, we repair shingle leaks! This article features one example of a leaking shingle roof repair we did. Our client, the Sextons were having problems with a leak in their master bedroom and they needed it fixed. This job is one of many leaky roofs we have repaired in Peachtree City.


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Shingle Leak Peachtree City


Damaged Shingles in Peachtree City

shingle leak Peachtree CityWe bid to change out the shingles in the affected area as they had a lot of nail holes in them. Nail holes often come from toe boards that were never taken care of. This is a sign of a careless roofer that did the work in the past. The problem with this roof was the siding guys had come through after the roof was installed and nailed up their scaffolding right into the shingles. When they were done, they simply pulled out the boards and left the nail holes in the roof, after a time this had created a leak in the attic and right on into the master bedroom ceiling.

shingle leak peachtree city

Results of this Leaky Shingle Repair

We originally intended to change out only the shingles with the nail holes in them but as we got going, we realized that more shingles were damaged than we thought. We ended up doing more work than we had anticipated, but in the end the job turned out very well. The job took a few hours to complete and the clients were extremely happy with the results in the end.

shingle leak peachtree cityThere had been prior repairs done to this roof a few years before around the same area where we worked but the roofers who came in before us had ignored the obvious bad shingles. This is what sets us apart from other roofing companies. Even though we originally planned to do a set amount of work, we noticed there was more that needed to be done so we did it! We want you leave your home with the best roof possible.

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