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Shingle Roof Repair Senoia

Another Job We Did In Senoia

shingle roof repair senoiaThis shingle roof repair took place in Senoia Georgia. E.M. Blue Inc. is located out of Peachtree City, however we do many jobs in Senoia, Newnan, Fayetteville, and the surrounding areas. Our client had a leak in her bedroom closet. She was afraid that the leak would become a mold issue if she did not get it taken care of so she gave us a call! If you need a roofing repair, don’t hesitate to call today!

Punctured Shingle Repair

We found that there was a downspout right above the leaking area. The downspout was dumping a lot of water in one place on the roof, and that was the main cause of the leak. Also, a tree branch had fallen in the wind and at some point punctured a small hole through a couple shingles. We bid to change out the punctured shingles and seal up the rusty nails that were allowing water into the attic. The nails were not exposed but they were affected by the rushing water coming from the downspout.

In order to complete this job, we installed toe boards to stand on and ropes and harnesses as well. We then were able to reach the damaged shingles which were pretty high up. We also sealed the rusty nail heads. When we were done, we pulled out the toe boards and sealed up the holes. It was a steep roof so we installed toe boards and ropes to secure ourselves while working.

Shingle Roof Repair Results

These clients were very happy with the job and pleased with our quick response to their needs. When we got the call, we came out to give a free estimate. They accepted the bid, we agreed upon a day to do the work and we completed the work on that day.

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We called Duane Clarke and EM Blue Roofing when water was dripping down the ceiling fan shaft onto the bed in our master bedroom. Water was literally dripping onto my wife and I during a storm one night. Duane and his crew came right out,…

Phil Downs | Mar 14, 2011 | Peachtree City, GA

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