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siding repair fayettevilleDo you have damaged vinyl siding in Fayetteville? Call E.M. Blue Inc. today for your siding repair in Fayetteville! Hail damage got to this siding, which is why we needed to replace the siding to make it look like new. Hail can have detrimental effects on homes, but we are here to make your home looking like new again! We do this through our shingle roof repairs, flashing repairs, tile roof repairs, and much more! Continue reading to learn about how we fixed this siding in Fayetteville, GA 30215! You can also read about a siding repair in Newnan!


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Siding Repair Fayetteville


siding repair fayettevilleChris had hail damage to his roof and siding of his house. We replaced his roof. We also bid to fix his damaged vinyl siding and faux rock wall where some of the rocks had been knocked off. In order to fix this hail damage, we bid to change out the broken 12 ft pieces of damaged siding with new pieces. We also bid to replace the misplaced rock.

Siding Repair Method

siding repair fayettevilleIn order to repair the siding, we began by pulling off all the damaged pieces of vinyl siding. With this, we had to be careful not to damage the good pieces above and below them with our tools.Once we had the damaged pieces removed, we then installed the new pieces.
The rock wall was a bit more difficult to repair. We couldn’t find some of the pieces that fell off so we had to find and match color and shape and size. If we couldn’t match the size we had to cut them down to size. The mortar that was used to stick them to the wall was not as good as the synthetic mortar we have now. We used synthetic mortar to adhere the rocks to the wall. We had to cut and use wood shims to hold them in place while the glue dried.

Siding Repair Results

siding repair fayetteville
This job turned out great. Matching siding can be difficult, but we found an exact match to the siding. Some of the broken pieces were way up high on the chimney, so we had to use more equipment for that, but we were able to fix it completely! The faux rock pieces were also difficult to match, but we were able to find the right shape and color pieces and install them.

The client loved every part of the job we did! In the end, they couldn’t even tell where the new and old siding met. We have already done this client’s re-roof, so they were thrilled that they could use our same company for their siding repairs. If you need any roofing repairs or siding repairs, call E.M. Blue Inc. today!

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