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As a local roofing company, E.M. Blue does jobs both large and small. We do jobs from entire commercial roof replacements, to smaller simple shingle repairs. This was a small siding repair that we completed in Newnan, GA. We are the premier roofing company because we offer incredible roofing in Atlanta and Peachtree City.

Vinyl Siding Repair

Job Description

siding repair NewnanThis siding repair in Newnan was a small job. The customer’s siding had popped out and the shingles directly below the chimney were falling off. Pictured left, you can see how the siding was displaced and the shingles were falling. Our solution to this job was simple. All we had to do was pop the siding back in and then re-nail the shingles.

The great thing about vinyl siding is that it is strong and durable. Vinyl will not be damaged very easily. It resists warping, cracking and buckling. This immense durability is the reason that we did not have to replace the siding on this customer’s house. It simply was displaced, so all we had to do was carefully pop it back in.

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siding repairAlthough this job was a simple fix, it is not something that the homeowner could have done easily. The proper equipment is needed for safely maneuvering on the roof. The actual job was simple, but because the roof was so steep, we had to use boards and ropes to actually reach the area that needing fixing. Once we reached the problem area, we re-installed the siding and secured it with screws. We then nailed the shingles in place.

Once we started the original job, the homeowner asked if we could paint the chimney cap and shroud. This was a difficult task because of the steepness of the roof, but we did it. The entire job took just a few hours, and the homeowners were very happy with the results.

Results of this Newnan Siding Repair

The displaced shingles and vinyl siding were a problem area because they were signs of a potential leak. The customers were happy that we fixed the problem before any leaks came about. Displaced shingles can allow moisture into the decking which can cause major problems for your roof. Follow what these homeowners did and call E.M. Blue before you get a large leak in your roof.

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