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Skylight Replacement Peachtree City

New Skylight Installation

skylight replacementSkylights are great things to have in roofs, however they can cause more problems than if they were never installed in the first place. We have recently done a skylight replacement job in Peachtree City! Our client, Andy Warden had a leaky skylight that he needed replacing. The old one was cracked and leaking. We bid to take out the old skylight and replace it with a new Velux Skylight that was actually designed for shingle roofs. If you need a skylight repair or replacement, call E.M. Blue Inc. today!

New Skylight Installation

skylight replacementThe old, existing skylight was not designed for a shingle roof, so it was sitting on a box frame that we had to take down. We also had to cut down the interior sheetrock. The new Velux skylight was designed to attach straight down to the deck and it came with a flashing kit in order to better marry the skylight to the shingles and avoid leaks. We screwed the skylight down to the wood decking then installed the flashing kit and shingles at the same time.

Peachtree City Skylight Installation Results

skylight replacementThis job took place a few weeks ago. Our client loved the results! There were no more leaks and the new skylight is better looking on the inside and outside of the home. It took most of the afternoon to complete this job, and our client was very satisfied with the results.

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