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Slate Roof Repair Thomaston, Georgia

Copper Valley Replacement

slate roof repairE.M. Blue Inc does slate roof repairs in Thomaston, Georgia. If you have a slate roof and need a repair done, you can put your trust in our company knowing that we will provide you with the highest quality services. Our client had an old stately mansion in Thomaston that was undergoing some repairs. They noticed that the upper bathroom was getting moisture in the ceiling so they called me to come out and see what the problem was.

Copper Valley Replacement

slate roof repairWhen we went to check out this roof, we found that the fifty plus year old copper valleys had developed holes in them over the years and were allowing water into the house. I bid to replace all four copper valleys. Each valley was 30 feet in length.

First, we had to pull up all the slate for several rows up each side of the valley. In order to tear out the slate we had to use this tool called a slate ripper. This tool is designed to side between the slates and hook on to theslate roof repaircopper nails, allowing them to be pulled out then the slate can slide out. We then laid down ice and watershield underlayment and installed the new copper slate and reinstalled the slate to match. We also had bid to do some tidy up work on the rest of the roof and garage. over the years some slate had broken or slipped out or limbs had fallen and broken them, we fixed all these problems.

Results of this Slate Roof Repair

slate roof repairThis job turned out very well. It went smoother than we had expected and we were able to get it done before the impending rain. We actually never came in contact with the homeowners. We worked with a contractor that was in charge of all the projects of the house. We were told after the job that the homeowners had no clue who to call to find a proper slate roofer. They started calling roofing supply places and our name came up twice from two different companies. We met at the property and checked out the home. After many questions and a few weeks, we got the go-ahead to start.

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