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Soffit Repair Peachtree City

Results of this Soffit Repair

soffit repairsWe have recently done a soffit repair for one of our clients in Peachtree City, Georgia. We also provided roof repairs on this job. The reason our client called was because a tree limb had come through her roof at the edge of the roof so it penetrated the roof shingles and decking, but also shot straight through the soffit underneath. She knew we did soffit and fascia repairs, so she called us to get the job done! We had pulled out the tree limb when we fixed the roof, so now we had to fix the soffit.

Peachtree City Soffit Repair

soffit repairsThis job took place in the second week of March. After we had replaced and repaired the shingles on the top of the roof, we bid to replace the broken wood soffit with new wood. First, we had to mark and cut out the ⅜ plywood, then install extra framing to have backing for the new plywood. We then installed the new plywood and caulked the cracks and finally painted the new area to match.

Results of this Soffit Repair

soffit repairsOur client, Mary, loved the results of this job! She couldn’t even tell where the repair had taken place once it was complete. You can’t even tell there was a problem with the soffit when you look at it. It only took us a few hours to complete this job and the results are incredible! If you found the article about this job informative, explore the rest of our site! You can read about chimney sealings, shingle and slate roof repairs, and much more!

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