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Tile Roofing Concord Georgia

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Tile Roofing Concord GeorgiaOur company has a lot of experience with installing brand new tile roofs throughout the state of Georgia. Not only do we have experience with new tile roof installations but we are well qualified and experienced to do tile roof repairs.

Tile roofs require much more experience and care than shingle asphalt roofing does. We understand what needs to go into a new tile roof installation and or a tile roof repair. We make sure that we always do it right and that we leave your valuable tile roof in a better condition than we found it in.

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Tile Roofing in Concord Georgia

Tile Roof Repair in Concord Georgia

tile roof repair in concord georgiaGeorgia weather can often times be unpredictable and outright scary. Such was the case with the weather that damaged our clients tile on her roof. Our client called a few weeks back to tell me of the tornado and storm that touched down close to her home. The tornado and storm caused some damage to her tiles and ridge vent. Since we have been servicing her tile roof for 10+ years she knew she could count on E.M. Blue to fix her problem.

The owner of this tile roof has been a client of ours for over 10 years. She is really proud of her 100+ year old tile roof. These particular tiles are very brittle so we had to take our time and be very careful not to do more damage to the roof during the repair process.

How We Repaired These Tiles

slate-ripper-repair-georgiaThese tiles are much like slate because they do not interlock but they simply overlap. Because of this, they must be removed with a slate ripper that slides between the tiles and hooks onto the copper nails and then rips out the nail. With this process the broken tile then slides out. The next step in the repair is to attach a copper hook between the key way of the tiles above and drop it down below the exposure line so that it can wrap around the bottom of the new tile and hold it in place. This had to be done for every broken and slipped tile.

Tile Roof Repairs Georgia After we completed the tile roof repair our client was 100% satisfied and happy with the results. We love these types of jobs because of the service we give to our friends and neighbors. Many of our clients have been clients for years and working on their roofs is so fulfilling because of our valued relationships. If you have a tile roof in Concord, we would love to help you maintain its value and beauty throughout the years.

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