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Do you need a torch down in Peachtree CIty, GA? You may not know you need a torch down for your roof repair, so a roof inspection from E.M. Blue Inc. will let you know. E.M. Blue provides many other services for their customers in Peachtree City 30269. These services include siding repairs, gutter replacement, and every other type of roofing service.

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Torch Down Description

torch down peachtree CityThis couple had a huge leak in their hog valley for years. Others had tried to fix it by applying more shingles to it or covering it with tar but it still leaked. The client wanted it fixed correctly and permanently. They were sick of having a leaky roof and paying people to temporarily fix it improperly. We are experienced in repairing hog valleys. We bid to tear off everything right down to bare deck. As you can see in the picture, the wooden decking was extremely rotten and needed to be changed. We needed to change out the rotten decking, install a built up roofing system in this case Modified Bitumen torch down.

Torch Down Process

torch down peachtree City
We had to tear off all the shingles around the perimeter of the hog valley, We did this to be sure that we were getting all the problem areas of Atlanta. We then tore off the old roofing system. We changed out the old decking that had rotted out then applied the glass base sheet. The modified bitumen was then installed with a torch.

Bitumen is a multi layer asphalt covering that is used for mostly flat or nearly flat roofs. The other option of a torch down is a installing fewer layers entirely with nails. The torch down was the best option for this homeowner because they wanted long lasting results that that is what they got! The roof decking on the sides of the hog valley was over an outside area with an open ceiling so we had to use smaller nails in the areas we used them.

torch down peachtree CityThis roofing project was part of an entire roof replacement. This area needed a torch down and decking replacement because the wood decking was extremely rotten and after we replaced the decking, we wanted to make sure it never leaks again.

Results of this Torch Down

This torch down in Peachtree City turned out extremely well. The client no longer has any leaks in their home. They loved our kind, courteous, and quick services.

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