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Tree Limb Removal and Roof Repair PTC

Tree Roof Damage Repair

tree limb removalOur client had a large tree limb fall onto her roof in Peachtree City and pierce right through the shingles and decking. She needed the tree limb removed and the damage fixed. We bid to provide tree limb removal and to repair the damage done. This is not the only job we’ve done with damage from a tree. Many homeowners have fallen trees damage from either limbs or entire trees.

Removing The Tree

tree limb removalIn order to do this job, we first cut the limb down to a manageable size while it was still protruding through the roof. It was quite a sight because it is not every day that you see a tree sticking up out of a roof. The tree limb also went through some soffit below the roof as well.

tree limb removalAfter removing the tree, we then removed all the damaged shingles and felt paper. We then cut out the piece of plywood that was damaged and replaced it. We replaced it with new half inch plywood and installed ice and water shield underlayment. Lastly, we selected new shingles to match the existing ones.

Results of this Damaged Roof Repair

tree limb removalThis job turned out excellent. The roof was a bit steep and the limb needed to be cut into a smaller size, so it had it’s own challenges, but everything ended up working out great! Our client was very happy to not have a tree sticking out of her roof anymore as well!

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