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Leaking Peachtree City Roof


peachtree-city-roofing-expertThanks for visiting my website. My name is Duane Clarke and E.M. Blue Roofing is my company. I am centrally located in Peachtree City and do a lot of roofing in Peachtree City.A Recent Peachtree City Roofing Job

One of the things customers really appreciate is when I take pictures of what their roof looks like and show them. With the before and after pictures they can see what it was and what it is now. More than anything though my customers appreciate the personal care and experience I put into their roof. As a small business owner satisfied customers are the life blood of my business and I work hard to treat them right and do the best job possible.

Leaking Peachtree City Roof

This customer had experienced leaks in their roof for years and for years the leaks slowly caused a lot of rotting damaged in the roof itself, soffits, and decking.

p.s. We do facia and soffit work throughout Fayette and Coweta County. Here is another article about our fascia and soffit services in Tyrone, GA & here is a fascia and soffit in Peachtree City job.

This job turned out really well and my customer was so happy with the final result. Since the porch was an addition to the home several years ago, the framing was a little off and some of the supporting framing for the soffit itself was rotted away. Because of this we spent some time rebuilding the framing and lining it up so as to accommodate the finished sheathing. We painted it to match and were very pleased with the final color match.

We first had to cut away the old rotted 3/8 plywood sheathing making sure to be able to tie back into the existing sheathing with the new plywood. We then cut out the rotted framing and rebuilt it with new 2×4 studs so as to accommodate the new sheathing. When we pulled out the old sheathing it came out in three pieces because of the old uneven framing but now because we re-framed it correctly we were able to re-sheath it with only two pieces. We filled the joints and cracks with filler then painted it all once it had dried.

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During Repair


Completed Repair


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