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Small Leaks Can Turn Into Big Problems With Time

Securing Your Roof Will Protect What Is Likely Your Greatest Asset

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You will sleep better at night, knowing the roof is not letting water in. Problems with mold, mildew, and dry-rot will be eliminated.

Having a secure roof will make you feel better about your home. It will put a smile on your face.

37 Years In The Industry

As an owner operated, small business, I am present on each job. That means, my cumulative knowledge and roofing experience come with me to your roof.

Having completed over a 1000 successful jobs in the surrounding community, I know what it takes to do a great job.

When You Hire E.M. Bllue, What Do You Get?

1. Over 20 Years Of Experience So You Know We Can Take Care Of Your Needs

2. A Local Roofer That Cares About Each Customer

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Is Our Work On Display?

Fascia and Soffit Installation Tyrone

We are your local roofing company! We are located out of Peachtree City but we also do jobs in Tyrone, Fayetteville, Newnan, Jonesboro, and the surrounding locations. We do many different types of roofing jobs as well as siding, fascia and soffit installations. Our clients had built an addition on their home and they almost […]

Power Vent Repair Jonesboro, GA

E.M. Blue provides a wide range of different roofing services for their clients in the Atlanta area. We try to always post up reviews of jobs we’ve done that week on our website. Jobs we’ve done recently include a roof repair from bullets in a roof, roof leak in Atlanta, and many more. If you […]

Bullets in an Atlanta Roof

Have you ever heard the gunshots on New Years Eve or July 4th? Well, those bullets must land somewhere, and this lucky home had the bullets lodged in it’s roof.

Atlanta Roof Leak

E.M. Blue Inc. does roof leak repairs in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Call us today if you need any roofing services.

Roof Installation Peachtree City, GA

Here at E.M. Blue, we get a lot of referrals and returning customers. This is because we offer some of the best roofing services in the Atlanta area! This job was recently done in Peachtree City, Georgia. Our clients, Earl and Dixie know our company because we roofed their home about ten years ago. They […]

Re-Roof in Fayetteville

E.M. Blue provides many different types of roofing services for their clients in Fayetteville and the surrounding areas. This particular article is featuring a roof replacement we did in Fayetteville. Call E.M. Blue Inc. today to get started on your roofing needs! Job Description On October 29, our client had an old roof that he […]

Flat Roof Repair Tucker, GA

E.M. Blue does roof repairs in Tucker, GA! Most of our jobs take place in Peachtree City and the surrounding areas, but we do also go to other areas such as Tucker! On our website, we post summaries of jobs we have done recently. Some of these jobs include roof tarping, tree damage repairs, and […]

Roof Tarping Peachtree City

We are your local Peachtree City Roofing Company! If you need roofing services, call E.M. Blue today! We update our website with jobs we have been doing around town. You can browse the site to read about and look at pictures of jobs we have done for your neighbors in Peachtree City and the surrounding […]

Power Vent Leak Fayetteville

E.M. Blue Roofing provides power vent replacements and leak repairs in Fayetteville, Peachtree City, and the surrounding areas! We also provide countless other roofing services. These services range from gutter repairs to roof leaks and porch roof installations. If you need any roof repairs, call us today! We will set up an appointment and come […]

Roof Leak Decatur

This is a roof leak repair we completed in Decatur GA on October 10, 2013. E.M. Blue does many different roof repair jobs around the southern Atlanta area. If you need a roof repair in Peachtree City or any surrounding location, call us today! We will be able to service any of your roofing repair […]


E.M. Blue Inc. has been roofing in Georgia since 1995. We do all types of Atlanta Roofing services. If you need any type of service that involves your roof, siding, or gutters, then we can service your needs. If you know that you have some type of problem but are not quite sure what it is, just give us a call and we will help you identify it and fix it! On this page of our website you will find different types of services we offer.

Servicing the Atlanta Metro Area. We also service Peachtree City, Newnan, Fayetteville, Sharpsburg, Senoia, Griffin and more!

Recent Reviews

Lauren Ross

Tyrone, GA

Date: Mar 12, 2019
E.M Blue Roofing did a fantastic job on our 38-foot tall roof. They repaired visible water damage that was on the underside of our roof. The color match on the repaired section blended in perfectly and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Super professional and friendly. Will definitely call again if needed!

"Super Professional And Friendly."

Lloyd Walker

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Dec 19, 2018
Had to do more than he thought. But he did it for the price quoted. I strongly recommend them to you. Good work, fair prices and quick too.

"Strongly Recommend Them To You."

Kennis Geistweite

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Sep 28, 2017
I highly recommend E.M. Blue roofing. Very competitive pricing and great workmanship. Friendly service and prompt response time. I have used them many times, and continue to be satisfied.

"Friendly Service & Prompt Response Time"

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